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  • Organic Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter - Use Daily For Perfect Skin

Cocoa Butter - 100% Organic Cold Pressed 1 Pound Tubs


Product Description


1 Pound -16 Oz of Pure Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Butter - Pure Raw Cold Pressed Organic Cocoa Butter


Pure, rich in chocolate aroma and 100% all natural.
Use to moisturise and protect your skin. 
Use daily to moisturise your skin naturally. Perfect for making your own moisturisers and cosmetics. 

100% Pure and Raw that is never refined. Simply the best Cocoa Butter on the market..


From Fair Trade Sources & Family Farms


Sourced from South America where the purest and best premium Cocoa Butter can be found. 

Use daily to soften and your skin naturally. Has many benefits for your skin. Contains no artificial ingredients.


"Disclaimer" Our products have not been tested or evaluated by the FDA

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Product Reviews

  1. Consistently great product! 5 Stars

    Posted by Proud Mom on 2018 Apr 3rd

    Very rich and keeps my entire skin on my body soft and supple. A cocoa butter that is always excellent; a little goes a long way and the product lasts a long time. Great for feet and elbows. Use this stuff every day. Love the small and how it works.

  2. Use on Scars, Massages, ETC

    Posted by Tam and John on 2018 Apr 3rd

    Very Nice Smelling Product
    My husband started using this on the recommendation of his physical therapist after carpel tunnel surgery. I used it after foot surgery. This stuff is great even for dry skin (especially on the feet). Everyone needs a container of this in their homes. Try it on the fingertips in the winter when the skin gets cracked. We use it daily.


    Posted by Lisa W on 2018 Feb 12th

    I used to buy from newdirections and amazon but not anymore since I found these guys. I purchased this right from the warehouse with a bunch of other products including the shea and african soap. I find the quality is much better and the service is better in dealing with shipping and minimum orders. Very good cocoa butter, quality is outstanding with a nice strong chocolate smell. Smells like you can eat it and I bet you can for sure.

  4. Premium Quality Product

    Posted by Empress on 2018 Feb 3rd

    The quality of this cocoa butter is the best so far that i have used compared to other brands. The price reflects what you get with this company. I truly find their products to be one of a kind and the difference to my skin after going natural is totally a bliss.

    Higly encourate people to try and go natural

  5. Love it

    Posted by Georgia on 2018 Jan 10th

    I really love the smell and texture of this pure cocoa butter, it smells like chocolate and its really amazing compared to where i purchased before.

  6. Premium Quality Cocoa Butter

    Posted by Tamara on 2017 Dec 18th

    Love the scent as it makes my handmade soaps and lotions smell amazing. Thanks again for all the supplies mudfarm.

  7. Amazing!!!!

    Posted by LoveToDance on 2017 Aug 21st

    bought this cocoa butter to make some whipped body butter. The butter came in a tub and it smelled so chocolatey. Back in the Philippines when I was growing up, we buy this specifically to lighten scar naturally. We call it Manteca de Cacao. I am so thrilled to know that I can get it on Amazon.

    If you are new to buying cocoa butter, note that this is a very pure, 100 percent raw butter. It is not a ready made lotion so do not expect it to be soft. It is going to be in a solid state, or even harder during the winter days. Best way to use this is to whip it using a mixer with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. That way, the consistency won't be so hard to apply on skin. I melt mine in a double broiler with shea butter, chill it in the fridge and then whip it with carrier oils. It is so wonderful on skin! I love all the benefits of this cocoa oil... not only it's a good natural moisturizer but it also have a very pleasant chocolate smell to it.

    Overall, I love this cocoa butter, it melts n in the nicely in the broiler and I can say that it's quality is amazing. Always buy a pure, raw, or unrefined cocoa butter if you want a maximum benefit for your skin. Just note that it's in a solid state so it will require whipping if you want to make it softer. I love this butter and it's perfect for what I need.

  8. Best Cocoa Butter Every Used

    Posted by Josh on 2017 Jun 13th

    I have used many cocoa butter including palmers and this is by far the best cocoa butter I have seen in the last 10 years. Glad to have found and referred to mudfarm by a good friend and I visited the retail unit today and got a free tub of black soap too try. Thank you so much and may god bless you...

  9. Stretch marks are gone

    Posted by Stacy O Donald on 2017 Jun 13th

    I have been trying to lose weight for a year now. I have had the worst stretch marks imaginable. I have been using the stuff for about 6 months every other day when I get out of the shower. I have lost the weight slowly so I do not have saggy/lose skin. This stuff has gotten rid of my stretch marks and tightened my skin so that it is not loose while losing weight. Just remember that it takes times and works slowly. You have to be consistent with the usage or it will not work right.

  10. Best i every found!

    Posted by Dan on 2017 May 27th

    I have had extremely dry skin in the winter for years, I am around outdoor fires often and have an indoor fireplace in my house which I think causes this. My face flakes from dryness. I have tried lots of creams on my face, they don't help my flakey dry skin. I got a sample of this Mudfarm Pure Raw Cocoa butter formula for moisture, so I used it on my face, avoiding to much on my eye area. It was instantly working, so I bought a tub of it. I have not had dry flaky skin for the 3 weeks I have been using it now! It may not be a "face" cream but it's amazing on the dry face! I now can put makeup on without any flakes ruining it.

  11. Has a nice chocolate smell!

    Posted by Valeria P on 2017 May 16th

    Cocoa Butter comes from the cocoa bean. It has a distinct nutty, chocolate scent – so yes, you will smell… delicious! When I use it on my skin, my 5-year-old notices right away! Cocoa butter is a rich emollient, it leaves your skin buttery soft. It contains fatty acids which help to retain moisture and build elasticity and also has properties which can help ease dermatitis or rashes. And did I mention it smells like chocolate!

    Just like your oils, you want to choose a raw, cold-pressed butter – free of chemicals that are used in bleaching and refining.


    Homemade Body Butter Recipe [Video]
    119 October 25, 2016 - DIY, Essential Oil Recipes, Essential Oils, Giveaways, How to Use Essential Oils, Personal Care, Skin care, Uncategorized, Videos

    Be kind to your hard-working skin! This homemade body butter recipe will leave your skin moisturized and soft, thanks to rich cocoa butter and coconut oil. We love its whipped consistency that goes on smoothly and feels light to the touch.

    Whipped Body Butter


    1 cup organic coconut oil
    1 cup organic solid cocoa butter (do not use lotion)
    15 drops of your favorite topical/aromatic essential oil (we love Cedarwood, Lavender, and Frankincense essential oils)­


    Warm a medium-sized saucepan over medium heat, then add coconut oil and cocoa butter. Melt until completely liquefied, about 4–5 minutes.
    Pour into a glass mixing bowl and place in refrigerator for 30–45 minutes to cool and just set but not harden.
    Stir in essential oils.
    Using an electric hand mixer, whip until firm peaks form, about 10 minutes.
    Gently transfer to a seal-able jar or container. Store at room temperature to avoid melting or solidifying.
    Massage into dry skin!

  12. Good one

    Posted by Sofia A on 2017 May 15th

    I used this product i found online at mudfarm organix since i was 3 months pregnant.I gained 20lbs in my pregnancy.Was expecting to have worse strechmarks as I am prone to strech marks.I would not say''zoom!!no strechmarks''.But to my suprise,I have very little strechmarks and most important they arent much visible.I used to apply 2xday.I also had dark skin around my tummy and back and now the skin has even tone like the rest of my body.In short,I would recommend this.2 of my friends had good results with this product and thats why I bought this.

  13. Love It

    Posted by Amina Abdullah on 2017 Mar 22nd

    Best Cocoa Butter Ever. I use it on my kids that have eczema and dry skin and it works lovely.

  14. Nice Chocolate Aroma

    Posted by Shauna on 2017 Mar 21st

    I usually purchase from New Directions or Amazon but since i found your company i am going to be all in. Love your stuff and the fact all the products are in their raw and pure state, Its the way things should be with us using all these sort of chemicals to hurt our skin. My skin looks amazing and i am going to venture into the african soap soon.. God Bless

  15. Best Cocoa Butter Ever

    Posted by Lateisha on 2017 Mar 17th

    Best Cocoa Butter, Best Shea Butter, Pure and Nice. Thanks for the free bar of Black Soap.... highly recommend....................

    Lateisha J.

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