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100% African Hand Crafted Premium Shea Butter - Black Soap & SEA Moss Company

Purple Sea Moss -100% Wild Crafted

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100% St Lucian Wildcrafted PURPLE SEA MOSS

Natural Holistic Product

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    Very Premium Brand

    Posted by Morgan - Texas USA on 2024 Feb 6th

    As a busy professional, I've been looking for a natural way to boost my focus. This sea moss I have used to make the gel which has done exactly that for me. I feel more alert and it’s become an essential part of my morning routine.

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    Way better than supplements

    Posted by John Chambers on 2024 Feb 5th

    Honestly LOVE this product. I bought both the gold and purple for the different sea moss recipes I have. The package is resealable and it has a shelf life of two years. I will definitely be using it before then…but its nice because I can just make a bit of gel at a time to use in all of my recipes! I feel soooo much safer and healthier using natural sea moss for my vitamins and minerals then the typical gummies you find in supplement stores like Popeyes! Mudfarm you guys ROCK !!!

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    This is the real deal!!

    Posted by Simone on 2024 Feb 5th

    I have been having trouble still with fatigue and overall wellness since I had chemo & radiation early 2020. I have tried so many things that did not work. This does!!!!!! I have so much more energy and stamina. I will continue to take it intermittently as to not give my body too much of a good thing. The moss has 90+ of the nutrients your body needs. This is such a God send! The 8oz bag of dried moss made 9 quart jars & 3 pints! I use 1-2 oz in my shake per day. You can freeze it after you make the gel too if you won't use it fast. My husband is also taking it and noticed a difference right away as well. All you do is: Rinse the moss, soak it at least 4 hours ( I did overnight), blend it WITH the water it was soaked in (i used extra water to make it less thick), and store it in an airtight container in the fridge until needed.

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    Get more Sea Moss than other brands

    Posted by LaDonna A on 2024 Feb 5th

    Quality Irish sea moss. Order was shipped and at my door in less than 3 days. I love that they do 8oz orders. Dr Sebi recommended. This is top notch sea moss!

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    Love this Purple Sea Moss... premium quality

    Posted by Dr Seymour on 2024 Feb 4th

    This Sea Moss is so pure you can see and smell it and the sea salt is still in certain parts. What a game changer this has been in my life. Love this product and the company was fast in shipping

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    Love this Sea Moss

    Posted by Rasta J on 2024 Feb 4th

    Amazing thank you so much for this natural Sea Moss.

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    Posted by Amazing Benefits on 2024 Feb 4th

    Great quality I bought a pound I had plenty to share and keep for myself

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    Made my first hel

    Posted by Joe on 2024 Feb 2nd

    Made my first get infused with Blueberries and Apple and this Purple sea moss is High Quality!

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    High Quality Sea Moss

    Posted by Pauline Singh on 2024 Feb 1st

    Very good Sea Moss, made my own gels and came out wonderful! More Vitality in my body for sure! Will reorder! Thanks again