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Organic Shea Butter and Authentic African Black Soap Available Online in the USA at Mudfarm Organix Botanicals. We offer FREE SHIPPING WITH ORDERS OVER 150$. Organic Shea Butter is much more premium compared to regular Grade A Ivory Shea Butter. Use Shea Butter daily to resolve many skin irritations that are common while enhancing your natural beauty.

Shea Butter For Sale in The USA

We first discovered Shea Butter and Black Soap in 2006 and after years of successful tests and personal usage we started Mudfarm Organix Botanicals to bring you the purest Shea Butter online in the USA. Our products are GMO Free and unrefined from Ghana African. We import fresh Shea Butter and Black Soap on a regular basis.  Black Soap is great for Acne, Eczema and a host of other skin problems. Why use chemicals on your body when your skin absorbs all of these chemicals in turn making you very sick. Use natural products and Organic foods when possible for the best health and nutrition.

Black Soap and Shea Butter are all natural and can be used daily. Black Soap contains plantain skins, cocoa pods, shea butter and virgin palm oil and its well know to moisturize and protect the skin from premature aging and to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

With most natural products, you will get the best effect with persistent usage. Use Black Soap before you apply the Shea Butter as these two products work hand in hand to heal and protect your skin. Use it on your hair as shampoo and see the difference it will make for your hair and scalp.

Black Soap For Sale In The USA

If you are looking for a way to treat and cure acne and eczema naturally, then its worth it to give Mudfarm Organix Shea Butter and Black Soap into your daily skin cleansing routine. Use it on dry skin, chapped lips, cracked feet, for muscle massage, insect bites, wounds and much more. Its a product that is recommended for ever household.

Don't buy expensive Shea Butter when you can get the real Authentic Organic Shea Butter that is Fair Trade Certified. We also offer Pure Organic Essential Oils, Virgin Organic Cocoa Nut Oil and Premium Organic Edible Cocoa Butter. 

Email Order To: MudfarmOrganix@gmail.com

Text Order To: 416 937 6350

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