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100% Pure Cocoa Butter - Organic Cold Pressed

Mudfarm Organix

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 Organic Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter - * FAIR TRADE COMMUNITY PRODUCT *
Use this product daily to nourish and aid your skin to be naturally beautiful. Strong Chocolate Scent which is all natural and pure. 100% Raw with no added ingredients or chemicals.
Pure Certified Organic

Excellent for use on all skin conditions. Heals and protects dry skin from wind and sunburn. Use on burns and to relieve stretch marks during pregnancy. Mudfarm Organix Cocoa Butter has a strong natural chocolate smell that is delighting to work with.

Use to make skin and hair care products that are free from chemicals and artificial fillers. We strive to provide you with the finest Organic products and ingredients.
Use Cocoa butter daily to heal and moisturize even severe dryness of the skin. Use it at home and mix with Shea Butter and other carrier oils to make your own homemade beauty products that are chemical free. Our Cocoa Butter is one of the purest on the market available in Canada and the USA.
Our 100% Organic Cocoa Butter comes in chunks.

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  • 5
    Exceptional Product

    Posted by Tim on 2024 May 11th

    Best Cocoa Butter ever.. Thanks folks

  • 5
    Premium Quality

    Posted by Jackie J on 2024 Apr 5th

    Best Cocoa Butter so far! Smells amazing! Will purchase again soon for sure! Much appreciated as always !

  • 5
    Premium Quality

    Posted by Jackie J on 2024 Apr 5th

    Best Cocoa Butter so far! Smells amazing! Will purchase again soon for sure! Much appreciated as always !

  • 5
    Excellent quality

    Posted by Misha Rose on 2024 Feb 4th

    Best Cocoa Butter purchased so far. Premium quality and the smell is amazing like chocolate.!!!! Thank you very much Amina!

  • 5
    So Bomb Product

    Posted by Jennifer on 2024 Jan 27th

    Excellent Product So if you have dry skin problems like me, I definitely recommend this item for you so it comes in this big blocks in the tub. I cut mines in half and have melted it down. I just put it in front of the heater for like 15 minutes. I rubbed it on my skin and it feels amazing, so I just keep applying it every day, and I have noticed a difference in my skin it keeps it moisturize no peeling and it smells so good like sexy cocoa goddess good

  • 5
    Works very good for my dry hands

    Posted by Lou on 2024 Jan 27th

    I really like this brand of cocoa butter. I brought it is because it is unrefined and pure cocoa butter. It smells just like real cocoa and very very good to me. I really liked the packaging it came in, it was well packaged. The price for the amount of cocoa butter I received is really good. I bought this butter to use on my skin and to moisturize it. So far I have only used it on my hands. I wash my hands so so so much everyday and they become really really dry. I noticed also that the skin of my hands become not only very dried but also fragile and easy to cut. I have tried other natural oils to moisturize my hands and they did not help at all. As a brown skin black woman and middle age I need something stronger and better liked cocoa butter. I used to long ago buy and used Queen Helen brand in the past and it worked for me. So I decided to return back to using this cocoa butter. So far the results are great. My hands do not feel so so dry and fragile right now. When I use this brand of cocoa butter it does moisturize my hands and also helped the skin on my hands a lot. I will continue to stick to this brand of cocoa butter. I am very satisfied with this product.

  • 4
    Amazing Quality

    Posted by Paul Jacobs on 2019 Jun 13th

    Very nice product. Amazing smell and very rich in quality. Thank you.

  • 5
    I love the smell of this product

    Posted by VeganLisa on 2019 Apr 23rd

    This product is absolutely amazing. I love the smell and its hard to go on because its solid and raw but what i do is slightly melt it with warm water or use when i am out the shower. Skin is soft and i can swear stretch marks and scars are going away. Thanks Mudfarm for all your amazing natural vegan products

  • 5
    Love This Cocoa Butter

    Posted by Colin Samuel on 2019 Mar 12th

    I have stopped by the Mudfarm warehouse to purchase Cocoa Butter for my chocolate making project, then just picked up a second purchase and I really love this stuff. I am using it for skin care and other products and I find the quality is very pure and premium compared to any other Cocoa Butter I have ever used before. This is great for everyone to use instead of junk from the store. Many Thanks

  • 5
    No more itching in months

    Posted by Sam P on 2019 Feb 14th

    AMAZING!!! The smell is out of this world and it's helped with my eczema. What I do is I melt this with a little Shea butter because I like for the cocoa to over power the Shea butter but to still be soft enough for me to apply to my skin. I melt them down and add Grape seed oil, a little tea tree to help preserve it, and castor oil. You can add other essential oils if you want to change up thr scent and blend those in as well. I will refrigerate it and then whip with a hand mixer and it turns out nice and creamy. Or if you prefer something else I will use a silicon chocolate bar mold, add in my melted ingredients and let it harden and then boom. You have a chocolate bar moisturizer...literally. This has helped with with my eczema I use to get extremely terrible on my skin. I have been using this mixture for two months and I can honestly say I HAVE NOT ITCHED IN TWO MONTHS!!! I will be ordering more to make my own product's and sell.

  • 4
    Cocoa Butter smells very nice

    Posted by Cici on 2019 Feb 10th

    Someone recommended i use this for my chapped skin and here i go so far so good. Smells like chocolate and getting excited bout this whole organic trend for food and skin products.

  • 5
    Good prevention for stretch marks

    Posted by Kristin M on 2019 Jan 7th

    I have used this for both pregnancies to try to prevent stretch marks… I didn't get any with the first kiddo; not sure if it had to do with this product or not, but I am going for it this time around as well, just in case! :) Smells good, too.