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ORGANIC FAIR TRADE SHEA BUTTER - Pure Premium Quality Certified Organic 
This Organic Shea Butter is different than Grade A and you need to work it in your hands and melt if for the best application. The smell is really sweet and it's of the highest quality Organic Shea Butter in Canada and the USA
organic-logo.jpgFair Trade Organic  - Pure Raw Unrefined

The perfect body and skin moisturizer for the entire family. Use to diminish wrinkles and heal your skin back to its best. Contains Vitamins and Minerals to help soften and protect your skin from free radicals and sun damage. Use as a natural sunscreen.
Use on the entire body and skin. 100 % Natural Skin Moisturizer with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for any skin condition and its chemical free imported from Africa.
1 Kilo - 2.2 Pounds

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  • 5
    Works like magic!

    Posted by Drew S. on 2020 Jun 22nd

    I have mild eczema so it was natural I try Shea butter for a chance. I apply a small amount every morning and found gradual relief of irritation and no dryness whatsoever throughout the day. My skin has never felt softer. Worth every cent if you ask me!

  • 5
    I Love This Cocoa Butter

    Posted by Jose Capri on 2020 Apr 28th

    Quality is Fantastic and Smell is Like Chocolate. Very Nice Product!

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    love this shea butter

    Posted by Mock 7 on 2020 Mar 3rd

    Had skin dryness and chapped skin and learned about Shea Butter then found Mudfarm and the rest is history! Great product and customer satisfaction for sure!

  • 5
    Shea Butter works wonders

    Posted by Nicole Marsley Junior on 2019 May 13th

    First time using this product and it is having lasting results on my skin. My skin feels so much softer with less irritation and itching. I am very happy I have finally found a product that really works and thank you for the Black Soap Bar. Will come again to the store once my products run out.

  • 5
    Best Shea Butter every used

    Posted by Jessica on 2019 Apr 23rd

    So addicted to this Brand and Shea Butter. Won't buy anywhere else again especially not on Amazon. You get rancid shea butter there. Using it for all different skin issues including dry skin, blemishes, and rashes. Works well with my boyfriend too. Will repurchase after these tubs is finished.

  • 5
    Totally Amazing Shea Butter In Love

    Posted by Desi on 2019 Mar 12th

    I love love love this stuff. I have very dry skin and would be ashy 1-2 hours after apply lotion. That was on the west coast; but now that I live on the east coast and experience harsh winters, it's even worse. Baby oil and Vaseline are super greasy and don't last all day either. With Shea butter, I apply a small amount right out the shower and I'm good to go; no more constantly reapplying (with the exception of my hands b/c I wash them frequently). I didn't find it to be too hard; I just soften in the palm of my hands then it easily applies to my body.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Dawny D on 2019 Mar 3rd

    Quality product. As advertised Thank You Mudfarm

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    Love this Shea Butter

    Posted by Joy Ele on 2019 Feb 14th

    Love this Shea butter, I have actually thrown away all of my moisturizers "DON'T NEED THEM ANY MORE". Let me start by saying I love the nutty fragrance that's how u can tell if it's real unrefined shea butter. I use it for everything; blend with my essential oils (Mudfarm), use with other oils to make a facial moisturizer, (coconut, almond oil, rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil), body butters, lips and hair. I whip it up and it goes on like silk a little goes a long way. Since I received this product I have been on every web page I can find looking for new ways to make diy beauty products using Shea butter. "GET THIS BUTTER", it's a wonderful moisturizer, plumes up the skin, gives your skin a remarkable grow, blends well with essential and carrier oils, and u can customize and create your own skin care products very cheap. Will only buy unrefined shea to make my beauty products, will buy again.

  • 5
    I will repurchase over and over again

    Posted by Folina on 2019 Jan 7th

    I am on Accutane, which causes severe dry skin, but it basically helps get rid of acne. My skin is super sensitive and irritated and regular face creams were burning my skin and other face oils were too pore-clogging for me. I also get occasional eczema on my arms. I decided to try shea butter - first of all, because I wanted to include more natural things in my skincare routine, and second of all, because unrefined shea butter is a "0" on the comedogenic scale, meaning there is a very little chance of it clogging your pores. I used this stuff all over and I noticed a difference in my skin after one night. I woke up and my skin looked more hydrated, my fine lines smoothes out, and many of my flakes were gone. The BEST part was it DID NOT BREAK ME OUT. It is reallllly thick, but it melts with the heat of my skin. I am so happy I purchased this and I will keep buying this until the day I die.