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  • Yellow Shea Butter - Pure Raw & Unrefined - Premium Quality
  • Yellow Shea Butter - Unrefined Grade A Quality - Imported From Ghana Africa

Yellow Shea Butter Unrefined Grade A


Product Description

 Yellow Shea Butter GRADE A - 100% Organic - Natural - Pure - Unrefined
Pure Organic Yellow Shea Butter - Premium Quality Grade A


 The Ultimate Skin Care Product From Africa 

Mudfarm Organix Premium Yellow Shea Butter from Burkina Faso
Unrefined and 100% Raw
Certified and Tested to be of the purest bio Shea Butter



100% HAND MADE IN CANADA Cosmetics

Imported from Ghana




Product Videos

How Organic Shea Butter is Made By Mudfarm Organix 09:39

http://mudfarmorganix.ca How Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter is made. Grade A Quality Shea Butter that is totally 100% Unrefined. Mudfarm Organix offers Organic Shea Butter Cosmetics including Wholesale and Retail Shea Butter. If you are looking for Shea Butter in Toronto, Canada or the Usa, then Mudfarm Organic delivers Fair Trade Organic Locally and Ships Worldwide. Use our Shea Butter in all your cosmetic products Shea Butter has many benefits for the Skin Top Benefits of Shea Butter Sooth and Moisturize the Skin Helps and aids in the healing process of dry Inflamed Skin Eczema relief Helps with Acne and Blemishes Used in to keep moisture locked into the skin and hair. Prevents the look of aging Used to protect the skin from cold and wind burns and harsh elements. Mudfarm : Contact for Quotes - 1 800 627 2703 Text or Call: 1 416 937 6350 Facebook: http://facebook.com/mudfarmorganix Twitter: http://twitter.com/mudfarmorganix Blog: http://mudfarmorganix.blogspot.ca Blog: http://torontonaturalsheabutter.blogspot.ca/

  • How Organic Sh...
    http://mudfarmorganix.ca How Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter is...

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Product Reviews


    Posted by Unknown on 2021 Feb 19th

    Healthy nutrition for my skin without chemicals. Feels like my skin is healthy and happy!!!

  2. Very satisfied!

    Posted by Lauren Oberon on 2020 Dec 11th

    This was my first time ordering from Mudfarm Organix, found the website easy to use, and the shea butter is a beautiful product, super smooth and a great smell.

  3. God sent product

    Posted by Michelle on 2020 May 2nd

    Wish i know about shea butter before the helped all my skin eczema and dry skin problems ok. Try it and it works like a miracle..

    Thanks Michelle

  4. Good Amount. Speedy Delivery. Great Price.

    Posted by Cadisha Miceli on 2020 Mar 15th

    Headline says it all. I also bought the 10 bars of black soap based on how good the shea was - excellent products! I will definitely continue to shop with you all.

  5. My wife and I are very happy!

    Posted by Ali Jafari on 2019 Jun 13th

    We now use this Shea Butter daily and I can swear by it. The dryness and itchiness in my skin have completely vanished. We will continue to use this product as recommended and it's a great product for anyone that wants to be healthy and stop using chemicals. My skin was so sensitive in the past with all the different stuff I would try from the store. It always worked on the first day but then caused severe problems. Thank god I have found this amazing Shea and I can't use anything else my entire family uses this brand daily.

  6. 5.0 out of 5 starsI don't have to wear makeup anymore because my skin looks so good. I like the nutty smell

    Posted by G Jackson on 2019 May 18th

    This stuff is HEAVEN. I use it on my skin and hair, and the improvement in both is astounding. I don't have to wear makeup anymore because my skin looks so good. I like the nutty smell. It appears that once in awhile a customer might get a bad batch, but that can happen since it is RAW. Just send it back and get a new one. It's worth it!!


    Posted by Simone Jagsy on 2019 May 18th

    This is the first review I've ever done for any product. This is probably the best product I've purchased. I started using it every day, twice a day about a month ago and wow..just wow. Glowing and radiant skin. My brown spots from old acne marks were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, I get compliments on my good skin all the time now. I heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and put it all over my body and face. Not only do you feel more moisturized after using but the results give you a sense of confidence and truly make you feel beautiful. I was told a few years ago to start using it but didn't because for some reason. I was also told and it's a natural sun repellant and I recently became really obsessed with perfecting my skin and this product has done that for me. Men and women should use this every day. And so cheap too!

  8. Smooth As Silk

    Posted by Slc50 on 2019 May 13th

    Wonderful quality shea butter! Smooth and creamy! I used it to make a homemade face cream with coconut oil and essential oils, blended wonderfully. Creamy and smooth! Love it! Will repurchase when these tubs are done! Works well on dry feet, skin, and hands. Use it daily and you will be amazed. It perfect for the Canadian winter.

  9. Best Shea Butter every used

    Posted by Babtiste J on 2019 Mar 12th

    Best shea butter we used every in our entire life. Its very soft and absorbs directly into the skin. Smells fresh not rancid like other brands in the store. Very good quality products from the brand and we will continue to use this miracle product forever.

  10. Soft skin for days!

    Posted by SANDRA294 on 2019 Jan 7th

    1. Great to use before bed to keep those with dry skin moisturised throughout the night, especially if you have airconditioning.
    2. If you don't mind sleeping with socks, apply a generous amount on your heels and use like a foot mask.
    Ideal For...:
    dry and parched skin

  11. Heals my eczema naturally

    Posted by Pauline G on 2018 Dec 22nd

    This butter along with a new diet has helped my eczema to completely go away. Its soft and absorbs nicely into my skin. Very natural and pure and I love the quality very much from this company. We have been using this now for the last few years with amazing results so i wanted to do a nice review.

    Thank you very much for a great product that my family loves.

  12. Simply Amazing Shea Butter

    Posted by Amy on 2018 Sep 24th

    Purchased from Mudfarm after my friend suggested I purchase 100% African Shea Butter for my dermatitis (on my armpit, groin, ears, and neckline) that I've had for 3 years now. This product has worked WONDERS!! The redness and itchiness is finally going away! I can't believe it. This is working so good for my whole skin. I've used SO many different products (natural and steroid ointments) in the past, but nothing has ever worked. After my shower, I rub a small amount on my hand to melt it down and put a thin layer on my skin. It's very moisturizing, so I wait a little bit before putting on my clothes. It can get a little messy trying to get the shea butter out of the bag, so I cut a tiny hole (on the top portion of the bag) and squeeze out enough product to put in a 2 oz travel container. I just replenish the container when I'm running low.

  13. Love This Product

    Posted by Vesna on 2018 May 3rd

    Love this cream, just got it yesterday with best speedy delivery. I can see difference in my skin dryiness after just applying it once !!

  14. Amazing! USE This

    Posted by Luke Evan on 2018 Apr 3rd

    This is my first review I've ever done for any product. This is probably the best best product I've purchased. I started using it everyday, twice a day about a month ago and wow..just wow. Glowing and radiant skin. My brown spots from old acne marks were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, I get compliments on my good skin all the time now. I heat it up in he microwave for 30 seconds and put it all over my body and face. Not only do you feel more mosturized after using but the results give you a sense of confidence and truly make you feel beautiful. I was told a few years ago to start using it but didn't because for some reason. I recently became really obsessed with perfecting my skin and this product has done that for me. Men and women should use this everyday.

  15. Great Quality Shea Butter

    Posted by John T on 2018 Mar 30th

    Going on a more natural journey when i found this company. This is the best product i have used on my skin that is natural. I am really happy we found mudfarm. Thanks again..

  16. Wonderful product for DIY projects

    Posted by Kim Chung on 2018 Mar 2nd

    I purchase this to use in my homemade soaps & it's WONDERFUL! Product would work great in homemade skin or hair lotions & other DIY concoctions! The reason it looks yellow, has a different texture & a nutty odor is because it's RAW, unrefined Shea Butter- that's how it's SUPPOSED to look!
    . I'm an instant gratification type of person so I don't like to wait, and the price is very reasonable. An excellent product that I highly recommend!

  17. Texture is soft, quality is AAA

    Posted by CHAN on 2018 Feb 21st

    Using all natural now and the shea butter is a excellent choice our family has made. Really great buy and quality. Comes in a white plastic tub that is really neat.

  18. Must have!

    Posted by Racheal T on 2018 Feb 12th

    This pure shea by mudfarm is fantastic on my skin, the butter is a must have all year long! I live in Calgary Alberta and it is very dry all seasons. I use on my lips and every where else! My son uses it on his face after he shaves. You need very little and the tubs last me for about a year. Use it daily and see for yourself what a difference it makes. A little goes a long way. I love it! My mom also loves it. It is a great gift for both men and women.

  19. Goodbye Eczema

    Posted by Lisa on 2017 Dec 16th

    I highly recommend this product to everyone. I have used it on my daughter's eczema, after shaving my legs, and stretch marks. The smell isn't that great, but it leaves your skin smooth. I love this product!

  20. Premium Quality

    Posted by Olga on 2017 Sep 6th

    Just have to give shout outs to this amazing product, very fresh and nice scent. I am really in love with this Yellow Shea Butter compared to the Ivory and don't ask me why but thanks for having the choice. Natural is the best way to take care of the skin god give you so use this stuff like religion...

    Evert time you shower in winter or summer and daily. Don't give us and get rid of all the chemical products.

  21. Dry Skin Gone! Thank You

    Posted by Bridgette C on 2017 Jul 31st

    Dry skin and eczema healed up quite nicely with the use of this yellow shea butter. Have tried some other products but this one works great and I also use some other natural creams and oils as well because I find your skin can get used to one product so it is a great idea to mix it up every once in a while. My kids are also using natural products and no one wants to get cancer so I feel the need to spread the word and highly recommend great products for people to use and try. If you are going to go natural then try yellow shea butter or the Ivory Shea. This brand seems to be excellent in quality and the price is decent as well.

    I am really hooked on this stuff and i mix it alot with coconut oil. The mudfarm coconut oil is the best i have ever tried bar none!

  22. Soft and Creamy Texture

    Posted by Therisita on 2017 Jul 26th

    I enjoy this yellow shea butter very much, its creamy and soft and not dry like some other brands i have tried before. Nice quality and i will reorder again once i finish this tub, this was the second time ordering and i am well pleased.

  23. Best Yellow sheabutter ever

    Posted by Master Chen on 2017 Jun 13th

    Using this to make creams for my skin. Mix with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil in a blender and you will have amazing shea butter lotion and cream to heal all your skin conditions naturally. After finding out about shea butter i have never used anything else in my skin routine as i had skin problems all my life and tried to change my diet which also helped but thank god for natural product that really works.

    Seems like Mudfarm is the only company with this stuff in Scarborough that i can find online.

  24. I quite enjoy this

    Posted by Shakey on 2017 May 30th

    This is the only thing that has kept my acne at bay. I make a face cream out of this with coconut oil and tea tree oil and slather it on my face every night. I know, oil on oily skin sounds scary (it horrified me and my sticky oily face at first) but certain oils help and heal your acne ridden skin. If I don't use this, my acne gets worse. Not the other way around. So don't be scared, and use this stuff all over for healthy glowing skin. Works well with baking soda to clean and coffee grounds for exfoliation :-)

    Night Cream: All products i buy from Mudfarm

    1 tbs coconut oil

    3 tbs shea butter

    3-4 drops of tea tree oil (more if your acne is particularly bad. I used 5)

    Mush together until a thick oily paste. Put on face at night after washing your face (I don't wash my face everyday, this keeps it clean and healthy on the in-between days). Don't use a ton, a pea sized amount per area of acne/face will work well. Rub between fingers until melted into oil and apply. Rub in well and sleep. Take care :-)

  25. Body Acne Cleared Up Nice!

    Posted by Emma on 2017 May 15th

    Never thought I had dry skin until I started using this product my friend recommended i try out and i searched online and found these guys and saw good reviews and i am looking to switch everything to Organic so I have tried other lotions before and they don't yield the same results that this does. I've struggled with body acne for 15 years, and so long as I apply the shea butter daily, I have not had any breakouts. Not sure if that is due to conquering my dry skin, or if it's due to the healing properties in shea butter.. maybe both. Whatever the case, I'm happy.


    Posted by John on 2017 May 14th

    I never write reviews... This stuff works better than all the millions of other moisturizers I've tried, so here I am. EVERY moisturizer makes my acne worse. Lotions, argan oil, jojoba oil, natural stuff, drugstore stuff, expensive stuff... Plus at 36, I have some wrinkles (ex smoker) and my skin is so unbalanced between dryness and oiliness. I've been using organic, unrefined, pure shea butter for a week, and the results are amazing. The 3 cystics I had are healing faster than ever, and I'm getting like 1/10th of new pimpkes compared to usual. My tones more even and I swear my wrinkles already look a tad better. When I use it on my body, I'm silky smooth. So not only does it not break me out, it doesn't make my skin greasy and it's actually helping my acne. I know there are mixed reviews bit that's like everything out there. I'm glad I tried it for sure.

  27. I love it very much

    Posted by Ashly Sultan on 2017 May 11th

    I received my products really quick and for the very first order there was a free black soap inside which i tried and really loved. Thanks so much for giving me such a big bar of soap, i really appreciate it very much and i told some people about the soap so look out for more orders soon.

  28. Good for winter weather

    Posted by Victor P on 2017 May 5th

    This is well worth the price. I use it on my face instead of moisturzers and little goes a long way. Especially for the Canadian winter, this is perfect because it also protects your face against the wind. It lasts all day, and it doesn't empty as quick as face moisturizers tend to. It's also unscented. This is one of those products that is worth the price. And knowing that it's organic, I feel comfortable about putting it on my face. Knowing that it's fair trade, makes all the more awesome.

  29. Very nice quality

    Posted by Gloria Chung on 2017 Apr 21st

    I really like the yellow shea butter, its really creamy and works great on my dry skin. I use it for my hair and when compared to other yellow shea butter i have purchased on the market, this is fresh and nice and clear with a bright yellow color. I make my own shampoo and creams with olive oil and coconut oil and its working fantastic ,my boyfriend is also using it now.

  30. Eczema Gone!

    Posted by J.J on 2017 Mar 17th

    This stuff worked so dam well. I have struggled with extreme eczema ever since I can remember. And not just to the extent of really dry or parched skin, but to the point of having my body covered in dark psoriasis-like scales, my face, neck and feet the only things excluded. So, as you can imagine, at 23, I had exhausted any and every lotion, cream, prescription, etc, to no avail. I was actually in a beauty supply store for hair, and my mom spotted this display table with tubs of shea butter. Upon reading what it's claims were for eczema, she picked it up. I wasn't reluctant to try it, but I wasn't expecting anything from it-except another failure. I used it one night, on my arms and legs, the most prominently covered areas, and thought nothing else about it. A couple days later, I happened to notice that a few areas on my legs and arms had lightened-after ONE shoddy application! Fast forward to a little over a month later, and my skin is about 90 percent clear! I haven't been able to wear short shorts since I was 14, and wearing my first pair in years a few days ago, and feeling confident in them, would have made me a little emotional were I not such a hard ass This stuff is seriously miraculous. I just started using it on my face last night, as it's said to have good moisturizing properties and skin healing for blemishes so we'll see. This stuff is gold. :) Compared to shea moisture and other brands on Amazon i find Mudfarm to be really fresh and clean. No black stuff inside or barks.

  31. Fantastic yellow shea butter

    Posted by Amanda St John on 2017 Feb 26th

    I like this butter, its great and nice and fresh, not stale and hard like other stuff out there. Love this stuff dude!

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