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100% African Hand Crafted Premium Shea Butter - Black Soap & SEA Moss Company

Shea Butter - 100% Raw Unrefined Organic

Mudfarm Organix

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ORGANIC FAIR TRADE SHEA BUTTER - Pure Premium Quality Certified Organic 
This Organic Shea Butter is different than Grade A and you need to work it in your hands and melt if for the best application. The smell is really sweet and it's of the highest quality Organic Shea Butter in Canada and the USA
organic-logo.jpgFair Trade Organic  - Pure Raw Unrefined

The perfect body and skin moisturizer for the entire family. Use to diminish wrinkles and heal your skin back to its best. Contains Vitamins and Minerals to help soften and protect your skin from free radicals and sun damage. Use as a natural sunscreen.
Use on the entire body and skin. 100 % Natural Skin Moisturizer with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for any skin condition and its chemical free imported from Africa.
1 Kilo - 2.2 Pounds

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  • 5
    Love this Shea Butter

    Posted by Joy Ele on 2019 Feb 14th

    Love this Shea butter, I have actually thrown away all of my moisturizers "DON'T NEED THEM ANY MORE". Let me start by saying I love the nutty fragrance that's how u can tell if it's real unrefined shea butter. I use it for everything; blend with my essential oils (Mudfarm), use with other oils to make a facial moisturizer, (coconut, almond oil, rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil), body butters, lips and hair. I whip it up and it goes on like silk a little goes a long way. Since I received this product I have been on every web page I can find looking for new ways to make diy beauty products using Shea butter. "GET THIS BUTTER", it's a wonderful moisturizer, plumes up the skin, gives your skin a remarkable grow, blends well with essential and carrier oils, and u can customize and create your own skin care products very cheap. Will only buy unrefined shea to make my beauty products, will buy again.

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    I will repurchase over and over again

    Posted by Folina on 2019 Jan 7th

    I am on Accutane, which causes severe dry skin, but it basically helps get rid of acne. My skin is super sensitive and irritated and regular face creams were burning my skin and other face oils were too pore-clogging for me. I also get occasional eczema on my arms. I decided to try shea butter - first of all, because I wanted to include more natural things in my skincare routine, and second of all, because unrefined shea butter is a "0" on the comedogenic scale, meaning there is a very little chance of it clogging your pores. I used this stuff all over and I noticed a difference in my skin after one night. I woke up and my skin looked more hydrated, my fine lines smoothes out, and many of my flakes were gone. The BEST part was it DID NOT BREAK ME OUT. It is reallllly thick, but it melts with the heat of my skin. I am so happy I purchased this and I will keep buying this until the day I die.

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    THIS Brand of Shea Butte is the BEST. I will be a lifetime customer.

    Posted by Rose W on 2019 Jan 7th

    THIS brand of Shea Butter is the BEST! I am now a lifetime customer and will always repurchase this brand. It surpasses any other type of shea butter on the market in my opinion. I appreciate the fact that it is pure with no additives or scent added. It really does work. This just arrived two days ago and both my daughter and husband are also using this daily. I love the way it penetrates dry skin for a noticeably softer feel. Great to use after shaving as well. Did I mention it works great on feet? Just give it a little time to soak in or wear socks before going to bed to keep it off your sheets. I LOVE this product and this company almost as much as I love Costco and that is saying a lot. LOL Finally, a product that does what it says, is reasonably priced and is free of toxins. Oh, and I am not being sponsored in any way to tap dance about this product. I paid full price and will happily do so again. Please don't stop making this wonderful product! ( I will now put the pom poms down and stop the cheers. ) ; )

  • 5
    Seriously the best!

    Posted by A Barrat on 2019 Jan 7th

    I've been using shea butter mixed with various oils for my skin and hair for years. Before I heard about this Mudfarm Organix brand, I was using one from Mountain Rose Herbs, who I LOVE and get many things from. While I'm pretty loyal to MRH, this Mudfarm shea blew them out the water. The butter is creamy and off-white in color, not yellow. It smells very true to the shea the Africans would sell at the flea market down south - smells like the real deal. I don't even have to add a lot of oils to this version, because it's always filled with its natural oils. After doing some research on fair trade shea butters, I discovered that unrefined shea should keep its oils. Also high quality shea is often ivory/off white, but this can also depend on the tree or shea nut it self. I'm sure you're tired of reading (if you've held on this long) so long story short: buy this Shea butter! I make my shea butter mixtures for various family members, and even they can tell the difference since I made the switch to this brand about a year ago! No more crusty feet and dry skin... even in cold Canada winters :)

  • 5
    I don't have to wear make up anymore, my skin looks good naturall. I love it

    Posted by G Garden on 2019 Jan 5th

    I love this Shea Butter from Mudfarm Organix This stuff is HEAVEN. I use it on my skin and hair, and the improvement in both is astounding. I don't have to wear makeup anymore because my skin looks so good. I like the nutty smell. It's worth it!! Use it daily on your entire skin and hair and see the results. Working so good for me and my family now.

  • 5
    Best Shea Butter Ever

    Posted by Timothy on 2019 Jan 3rd

    This is some of the best shea butter i have every purchased. Its smooth and very high quality. It goes on my skin so well and i love the results. My eczema and dry skin has dissappeared and i love the product. I highly recommend shea butter for anyone looking for solutions to dry skin and other stuff. Its working great on my face and hands this winter as well and i am now getting into using the black soap. So will keep a review for that soon. Outstanding customer service

  • 5
    Wonderful Cream and Perfect for making creams, lotions and soaps with no chemicals. I simply LOVE IT>

    Posted by Joy Heathers on 2018 Dec 22nd

    Simply wonderful Shea Butter from this brand. As I have become more interested in organic and raw products, raw Shea Butter has been on my “to try” list. I finally got the opportunity to try Raw Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter. It has been fun making different lotions and lotion bars from it, although you can use it straight out of the package by taking a very small amount of the Shea butter and rubbing into your skin. The consistency is very much like that of cookie dough, (and it almost smells like cookie dough!). The sniff test is very mild and pleasant. I chose to make a whipped lotion, a liquid lotion, and lotion bars with this lovely Shea butter and have been very pleased with the results. Between the available e-book recipes and Internet recipes, there are lots of ideas as to what you can do with your Shea butter if you want to use it beyond little dabs straight from the package! I love my new lotions!

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    Good quality products from a company that benefits women

    Posted by C.C on 2018 Sep 25th

    I selected this shea butter specifically because of what the philosophy of the company is and what they do in Ghana. I am very particular about which companies I support when buying this kind of product since their harvesting and production can be riddled with human rights infringements. I chose to support FairTaleGhana because of what their philosophy of a company is and how they support and uplift women in the communities they work with. It's just a bonus that the product itself is of high quality. Great job - keep doing what you’re doing! When I received my order, there was a hand-written note from someone in the company. Even though this was a small gesture, it really makes you feel appreciated as a customer. I’ll definitely support you in the future!

  • 5
    Best Shea Butter i every used

    Posted by Jenny on 2018 Sep 25th

    I love this product! Very pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity that come in the package! Will definitely buy again...but probably not for a while because I have a lot of butta to go through!

  • 5
    Beautiful brown skin

    Posted by Taina on 2018 Sep 25th

    I LOVE the fact that it is from Ghana and it helps the women be self supporting, the benefit for me is that is is GREAT for my skin and natural hair! It has cleaned up my skin complexion! Now I buy it all the time now.

  • 5
    Never Buying Shea Butter From Anyone Else...Ever

    Posted by Kana on 2018 Sep 24th

    I've purchased African shea butter from multiple vendors but the FairTale brand is on another level. This is true raw shea butter. I have eczema and this smooths my skin and heals is as well. Thank you for the marvelous product!

  • 5
    great product. I can see huge difference , my skin is not dry anymore !!

    Posted by ves on 2018 May 8th

    I got this product week ago and I see huge difference on my skin . It feels softer and absorbs really well . I leather it first with my hands and than apply . Next time I will get whipped version to try it as well. I got black soap as gift which I appreciate so much . I gave it to my 22 year old daughter to try since she is struggling with acne .thanks so much !!