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100% African Hand Crafted Premium Shea Butter - Black Soap & SEA Moss Company

Lavender-Vanilla-Lemongrass Shea Butter Moisturizer Combo Pack

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Use daily on hands and face for beautiful skin with a natural aromatic scents of Pure Essential Oils. Made with Unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Essential Oils.

 Formulated with a very high concentration of 65 Shea butter to provide intense nourishing care, it forms a strong protective film for skin that is very dry or uncomfortable due to environmental stresses. With its ultra-rich texture and soothing properties, this natural wonder from Ghana, Africa melts into the hands and nails from the moment it is applied and massaged in. Enriched with natural vitamins, it helps to immediately soothe the skin, bringing comfort and softness. Used daily, it helps to protect hands from dryness. Use often to moisturize and protect your skin from the elements of winter and summer seasons - For daily use: warm a generous amount of Shea Butter Moisturizer  between the hands, then gently massage into the palms, back of the hands, nails and cuticles (twice a day). - As an intensive mask: apply a thick layer to the hands and leave on for 10 minutes to intensely nourish the skin, then massage in any excess (twice a week). Shea butter is a natural beauty balm, used by women for decades and now you can have beauty the natural way, without any chemicals or artificial ingredients.



About Shea Butter and its Many Uses

Shea Butter is known as karite butter in Africa. This white-yellow to ivory-colored paste has been used by African healers for

thousands of years to alleviate maladies of the skin and scalp.  Shea Butter comes from the African shea tree found along the

West African Savannah region. It is a wild growing tree that produces tiny, almond-like fruit from which shea butter is extracted. 

The tree itself is not cultivated and takes 40 to 50 years to mature. In most parts of West Africa, destruction of the shea tree is

forbidden due to its economic, health and social benefits.  Shea butter is a valuable source of food in Africa. Many herbalists

regard shea butter as an invaluable agent for internal and external body purification!


Non GMO Product

100% Natural Grade A Shea Butter

Shipped worldwide


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  • 5
    Effective for Rosacea

    Posted by James C on 2018 Apr 7th

    Using all of these and they are working well. A friend of mine recently said to me that my skin condition has improved alot. I have a skin condition called Rosacea , which disfigures my skin. This stops the burning and tingling. When my doctor was no longer willing to prescribe antibiotics for the condition due to the long-term effect that could have, I decided to try this cream. It is not a miracle overnight cure, but has been very effective over the longer term. I have been using the shea butter moisturizers for three years and, regardless of its effect on Rosacea, it is an excellent daily moisturiser.

  • 5
    Great Smell

    Posted by Latina on 2018 Jan 18th

    It's awesome to use natural products from Mudfarm Organix. I have been purchasing their products from 2013 and now i fell i deserve to do a review. My skin is absolutely amazing and i am always receiving compliments. Thank you so much for the best shea butter products.

  • 5
    I love it..

    Posted by Sabastian L on 2017 Aug 21st

    Loving this product that was recommended by a colleague at work. My skin is really nice and we choose this one over the Ivory color shea. I find the best time to use it is after your shower, it locks in the moisture which is pretty awesome... NO MORE CHEMICALS YUPPI Delivery was within 4 days of ordering. I live in Quebec.

  • 5
    Super Value For Quality

    Posted by TT & J on 2017 Mar 21st

    Posted by MummysReviews on Jun 04, 2012 I am going to give this company a 5 star because i have tried other Shea Butters from other brands and this is the freshest i have used and the price is good for the Organic stuff. Not bad at all. This is a rescue for dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin like mine. Many expensive moisturisers and body butters contain shea butter on top of many other ingredients including fragrances and preservatives that I’d prefer to skip. Three years ago, I read about the benefits of using raw unrefined shea butter as a face and body moisturizer — effective and low cost. It can also be used on chapped lips, dry nail cuticles and dry hair ends. Super multi-purpose. I’ve tried 4 brands of shea butter and Out of Africa is my current favourite. It’s organic, smooth, well packaged to retain freshness, and very affordable